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Welcome to a Cleaner Future

ClearStak, LLC is a privately held environmental engineering company located in Willington, CT. Our products reduce visible emissions from the combustion of bio fuel through the technology of our Intelligent Bio fuel Controller and the chemistry of catalysts. The ClearStak vision is zero visible emissions and to reduce volatile organic compounds from the combustion of solid bio fuels. The ClearStak mission is to design, build, and integrate intelligent pollution control devices and controllers to reduce emissions from the combustion of solid bio fuel. Do you need to clean up the smoke, particulate matter, and/or volatile emissions from any of the devices listed here? Wood smoke, restaurant smoke, indoor wood boilers, outdoor wood boilers, indoor hot air furnaces, outdoor hot air furnaces, grills, and smokers, wood fired pizza ovens, coffee roasters, and charcoal kiln. If so, Contact us today to learn more about ClearStak, leading technology for a cleaner brighter future!.


ClearStak is proud to introduce the CS-100 for the reduction of visible emissions from outdoor wood boilers. The CS-100 is a pollution control device (PCD), which provides an economical, environmentally friendly solution to new and existing outdoor wood-burning furnaces (OWBs). 

The CS-100 uses a patented, intelligent catalytic approach, and attaches easily to almost any new and existing OWBs and the devices listed above. Once installed, the CS-100 virtually eliminates the nuisance of smoke generated by OWBs.

The CS-100 is a proprietary stainless steel device designed specifically for OWBs. It pre-heats the catalyst for optimal performance during the burn cycle start up. It uses a proprietary Intelligent Bio-Fuel Controller (IBC) that manages oxygen flow.

The CS-100 provides significant advantages to owners of OWBs:

  • Low-cost alternative to OWB replacement
  • Improved environmental quality
  • Improved relations with neighbors
  • Economical solution to federal, state, and/or local ordinances regarding OWB output

The ClearStak Product Difference:

  • Pre-heats the catalyst to accelerate the reduction of emissions
  • Utilizes an Intelligent Controller that manages combustion performance
  • Several configurations that provide installation flexibility
  • Upgrade path from the most basic configuration to our most advanced solution
  • Customize packages for manufacturers
Our unique products retrofit to existing Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWB’s), providing significant benefits to OWB owners and their communities:

 - Effortlessly manages start-up emissions, easing strained relationships with neighboring residents and businesses
 - Economical, enabling consumers to retrofit existing devices that may otherwise be rendered unusable through federal, state, and local restrictions
 - Drastically reduces particulates and harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide) providing a cleaner, healthier environmen



Model 50: Stand alone PCD

  • Pro: Easy to install PCD, Lowest initial cost, upgradeable to model 75
  • Con: Expensive long term energy costs, No IBC
  • Target: Commercial sites, EPA Non-Qualified units, rural installations

Model 75

  • Pro: Easy to install PCD, lower long-term energy cost, up-gradable to model 100
  • Con: Limited oxygen control
  • Target: Commercial sites, EPA Non-Qualified units, rural installations

Model 85

  • Pro: Designed for gasification hydronic heaters, includes PCD and GEC, economical price
  • Con: Controller is istalled inside unit
  • Target: Gasification EPA phase II units,  all areas

Model 100

  • Pro: Contains a PCD and IBC, upgradeable to model 125
  • Con: May have advanced functions that your heater may not use
  • Target: EPA Non-Qualified, Phase I and Phase II units, more populated areas

Model 115

  • Pro: IBC will manage the hydronic heater
  • Con: Designed for use by manufacturers
  • Target: OEM EPA Non-Qualified, Phase I and Phase II units

Model 125

  • Pro: PCD, IBC and O2 sensor, O2 sensor helps manage combustion.
  • Con: Most expensive solution
  • Target: Non-Attainment areas where more control of emissions is needed


The Intelligent Bio-Fuel Controller (IBC) manages the PCD to control power and oxygen.             

   The Pollution Control Device (PCD) uses an intelligent catalytic approach that preheats the catalyst to reduce smoke and harmful gases especially during start-up and reload.

The Gasification Emissions Controller (GEC) is specifically designed to manage the PCD on heaters that utilize  gasification technology.

Contact us today to learn more about ClearStak, leading technology for a cleaner brighter future!. Ask how it can help your boiler in reducing emissions.