Wood is the way to go when heating your home or business!

The Maxim outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace is installed outside, next to your home like a central air conditioning unit or up to 500 feet away, and works with any existing heating system.  A water jacket surrounds the furnace firebox and heated water is circulated to the home or building through insulated underground tubes.  Water-to-air or water-to-water heat exchangers or direct circulation conveys the heat into the structure’s forced-air furnace, boiler or radiant floor heating system.  This allows for normal thermostatic control of temperature for safe, even and comfortable heat.  The ability to heat multiple buildings and domestic water can reduce your heating bills.  Outside burning removes the threat of devastating chimney fires and the dangerous carbon monoxide buildup rom inside your home or oxygen depletion which affects your indoor air quality.  It also eliminates the smoke, ashes, odors and soot buildup on walls and ceilings inside your home that indoor burning creates.

Maxim is an outdoor wood pellet and corn-burning furnace.

   Maxim 255


                   **After Winter Sales Promotion Rebate

Door 15.5" x 13.5"

Weight1,310 lbs..

Water Capacity90 Gallons

Hopper Capacity11 Bushel (600 lbs.)

Two 4-foot chimney sections are    standard. Optional transfer auger and  optional 48-bushel hex hopper available


How Heat From The Maxim, Gets To Your Home

  • The Maxim can be located up to 500 feet away from the home or building being heated.
  • Heated water from the Maxim is pumped to the home or building through insulated, underground ThermoPEX piping - the most efficient way to move heat over distances.
  • The Maxim is designed to work with any existing heating system. A heat exchanger or direct circulation conveys the heat into a forced-air furnace, radiant baseboard, or radiant floor heating system. This gives you normal thermostatic temperature control.
  • The Maxim can provide heat for all your domestic hot water by adding a water-to-water heat exchanger. You can turn off your hot water heater and save $30 to $80 or more per month!

In addition to heating an entire home or building, the same Maxim unit can also heat other buildings such as a garage, workshop, shed, greenhouse or barn. It can even heat a swimming pool or hot tub.

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