Wood is the way to go when heating your home or business!

STRYKER Log Splitters offer quality workmanship second to none. Because of their unique design and manufactured finish, they require much less power to split wood while offering much greater operator safety. The design of the STRYKER log splitter allows operators to split wood both ways, an appealing feature if you are looking for a fast and simple way to get your log piles split.

Every Log Splitter Is....

A 2-WAY LOG SPLITTER - All STRYKER log splitters feature the hallmark 2-way splitting action, splitting on both the forward and reverse stroke, and doubling productivity.

BUILT TO LAST - A standard splitter has very little bearing area, which is often steel or brass on steel. This makes edges sharp and causes power-robbing friction. The STRYKER log splitter has four replaceable plastic sliders. One square foot per side gives a huge bearing area and lasts for years.

EFFICIENT - The STRYKER design lets the butt of each block “bend” around the stop, allowing more wood to be split so much easier.

BUILT STRONG - Standard splitters have a dangerous bending movement. There is no bending movement in the STRYKER log splitter because the cylinder is mounted in the center of the frame, pushing directly down the frame.

***All prices listed below are base models. Models with longer stoke length and optional accessories are available at an addition cost. Prices do not include tax or shipping. 

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